403 error with Zapier integration


Hey, please see below the unanswered email sent from January 13 from Zapier support team regarding my issue. Thanks in advance for your help:

@HubSpot Team: Hey there! Kirill, copied here, is a mutual customer, and he’s having some trouble setting up a Zap. He’d like to use “New Calendar Task” as the trigger for his Zap, but when he tries to pull in a sample task, he’s getting the error:

Error: api.hubapi.com returned (403) Forbidden and said “This access_token (74266f96-06c5-4796-8ae6-02cf123dc997) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [content-access])”

He says that he’s connecting using his ceo@redrocket360.com login, which appears to have full permissions:

Are you able to see on your end what might be causing this error? The full request is below, if it helps!

If you could take a look and let us know what you find, that would be great. If you need any more information for me, as well, don’t hesitate to ask!


@redrocked360 is this an error that you saw recently? There was an issue with the Calendar API a few weeks ago but this should have been fixed at this point.


Yes, I’m still facing this issue.


@redrocked360 This looks like an issue with the type of account you have. The Calendar API is only available to with a MArketing subscription, so if you Have a Sales/CRM account you won’t be able to use the calendar.


Ok, understood, thank you