403 on Form Submit only when including <script> in inlineMessage



Hi there,

Having a strange error.
I’ve been using a number of Forms on various assets for a while and had no issues.
I just noticed today that on a number of assets, when I try to submit the form, I now get a ‘403’ when submitting.
The guilty party is the code below, which is in the inlineMessage (I’m adding this through hubspot.com directly; I know it’s a bit weird using the forms API from within Hubspot but we need it for customizations and catching the onFormSubmit event).

Has something changed that would cause this to no longer work? If I remove that code from the inline message, it works fine…



Hi @Mike_Ward,

It doesn’t look like you included any code. Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, you’re including <script> tags with Javascript inside your inlineMessage? Can you give me some more context on this?