403 When Accessing Form from test domain



I have moved a site from a live domain to a staging domain that will soon become the live domain soon. On the live site there is no issues submitting forms via the API. On the staging site ( ) we continually get a 403 error. With this response:

You don’t have permission to access “http://forms.hubspot.com/uploads/form/v2/######/8baea1cc-b8ca-4c0d-9822-0f084ffb92cb” on this server. Reference #18.c867c917.1487860743.28a19. Could this be due to the odd url string?


Hi @ewistrand

Did you see those 403 errors on the very first request? Or did this happen after testing for a while? Usually these types of errors are temporary and related to our firewall systems detecting unusual traffic.


First time after moving domains.


Had a similar problem submitting from a local dev site in the past. Could it be from the characters in the url?


I’m still looking into this with our IT team, but the most likely issue is the IP address being used for the host instead of a domain. Would it be possible to set up a staging domain for that instead?


Unfortunately I can’t at this time, but if you’re confident that’s the
issue, which I am pretty sure it is I will move forward with moving my
clients domain without testing.