40k API Limit Stopping Migration From Another CRM



I am attempting to move a client to HubSpot from PipeLineDeals and I am hitting a number of problems.

The biggest problem is that the client has 48k "Companies", 48k "Contact" and 147k "Notes" in PipeLineDeals.

I appreciate that there is the ability to add Companies/Contacts through CSV upload. But I have already hit a problem where I did a test upload and now appear unable to bulk delete companies/contacts.

Which means that I cannot "reset" my account to do further upload testing!

I really want to do the loading through the API as when I create a company I want to get the "Id" of the newly created company to then add "Contacts" to that company.

Can anyone suggest a method to upload 47k Companies, 48k Contacts and 147k notes?

I cannot see how to achieve this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Trev,

I believe that if you use OAuth to authenticate, you won't hit the 40k API limit. This is what we've been told before: "Assuming they're using OAuth, they shouldn't need to worry about the customer's portal limit - an OAuth app's calls do not count toward the portal limit, they're separately counted per app/per portal."

As an alternative, you can use our CSV migration app (MigrateMyCRM) - or our team - to migrate the records over. It might save you some time!


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Wow! I haven't seen that documented anywhere!(?)

I wonder who can confirm it before I spend more time rewriting my code?

Any ideas?



That information came directly from HubSpot's Director of Product (and our own app uses OAuth and doesn't run into the limit even when migrating millions of records), so you should be all set!



Many thanks!