411 Length Required


Has there been a recent upgrade to the HubSpot Forms API that checks content length of request headers?

Our application no longer posts successfully to HubSpot and we get a 411 Length Required response when attempting to do so. This started on 18th October - all requests before that were successful. We haven’t had any changes to our application during this time.

Forms API Stopped Working

@Sam_Joseph_Blackcat we recently started routing traffic to forms.hubspot.com through Akamai, and this is likely related to that change. Would it be possible to add the content-length header to your requests? Are you currently using the transfer-encoding:chunked header instead?


It looks like content-length was being added but not set to anything.

I’ve changed it so it is set correctly on the request and this seems to have fixed the problem.

Thanks for the speedy reply.


@dadams do you not accept chunked encoding? Just spent a day trying to figure out why a simple forms api post was returning a 411. Turns out it was the chunked encoding config on my client.