500 Error on API Timeline Event


We have a series of Timeline Events that we're posting to the API. Many are successfull; however every once in a while, we'll get a 500 error. Anyone able to decipher what could be going wrong?

API endpoint is: /integrations/v1/{{AppId}}/timeline/event

Error message is:
{"status":"error","message":"internal error","correlationId":"2a5290f7-614c-4470-bd70-06611307b2f8","requestId":"815d945fe03e3e3fa42ad1b0a8fdca8a"}


Hi @Nate_Iler,

Could you share your developer hub ID and app ID? I'll try to take a look at the logs and identify the cause.


Portal Id: 3371641
App Id: 179370


Hi @Nate_Iler,

It looks like our documentation is inconsistent on this, but I see that you're attempting to pass the eventTypeId as a string (e.g. "eventTypeId":"279472") whereas the Timeline API Overview documentation shows examples where the ID is not contained within double quotes (e.g. "eventTypeId":279472).

I currently suspect this is the issue. Would you mind running a few tests to confirm?