500 Internal Error while creating task via API


I am using this API call https://api.hubapi.com/calendar/v1/events/task to create a task and in response I receive this error
{ "status": "error", "message": "internal error", "correlationId": "6d39a994-4eb7-405a-912e-95aa0f59d0d6", "requestId": "b80bc3fb-f3d2-4b97-bac8-34ebc490dea9" }
I am unable to point out the problem. Can somebody tell me what can be the issue? Why I am getting this error?

Issue in syncing data to hubspot through form Api we are getting a 500 internal server response

@Piyush_Sinha that error generally means a formatting problem with the data in the request. Do you have an example of the POST body you’re using?


“ownerId”: ‘1772858585’,
“category”: ‘EMAIL’,
“state”: ‘TODO’,
“contentGroupId”: 535665979983,
“name”: ‘Testing’,
“description”: ‘dsdsdsdsdsdsd’,
“eventDate”: 52838538386,
“eventType”: ‘PUBLISHING_TASK’


Having the same issue here, is there an update on this?

{ "eventDate":1485454036110, "category":"EMAIL", "state":"TODO", "name":"Test creating task", "description":"Description goes here", "ownerId":13571353 }


@Randy are you getting any response when you make the request? I’m not seeing any problems when I use your exact data with a test portal.


Thanks for the quick response.

We’re using .Net WebClient class to perform web request, and it does return a response with error 500 (screenshot below).
The same code work fine with creating new contact (POST /contacts/v1/contact)

Does “user-agent” header affect the request?


The user-agent header should not affect the request. Would you be able to see the body of the response? There should be more details in there.


Response in screenshot bellow:


Any update on this issue?


I’ll need some more details for this, I’ll message you directly.


I get an empty response from this same API, and I’m thinking the issue could be correlated? Is there an update here?


Hello. Any update on this issue? I am getting the same problem. I have tried to follow the example from https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/calendar/create-task , here is my CURL

curl -X POST
-H 'Cache-Control: no-cache'
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-H 'Postman-Token: 7a9cc744-5958-4b9e-8803-89a933be89fb'
-d '{
"eventDate": 1425760557000,
"category": "BLOG_POST",
"state": "TODO",
"campaignGuid": "f43fe9fd-4082-4a45-93d8-cb8a88f01654",
"name": "Test Blog Task With topics 3",
"description": "Cool Post with Topics",
"ownerId": 13316,
"topicIds": [
"contentGroupId": 343029322

And here is the response:
"status": "error",
"message": "internal error",
"correlationId": "daded1f1-292d-43bc-b209-13252ce64844",
"requestId": "543fd0ab851af87ca01175fd268a0016"


Hi @taganay,

Can you send me your Hub ID so I can do some testing? Is this request always failing, or only intermittently?