500 internal server



we are using workflow and enroll the list of 437 contacts and while hubspot workflow send request to our client server api , sometimes they executed perfectly, sometimes give connection timeout error and sometime it gives us the 500 internal server error.. we are not able to identify the reason for 500 internal server as we are not able to get any details why its failed with 500 internal server..
Any way to get this issue resolved?


Hi @Vaibhav_Mehta,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, you're using a workflow webhook action to trigger an action in your external system? If the workflow webhook is receiving an error from your server, you'll need to investigate the errors on your end, since I don't have any visibility into your external system. If you're instead referring to some HubSpot-side error, please include additional details below so that I can investigate.


Thanks for the Reply.. i have check with my 500 Server Issue and get resolved. but want to know one more thing from yourside that If m sending 1000 Request from Workflow to My External Server, in that some of the Requests are handled and some of them are not. some gives Connection Timeout,will retry and some gives Connection Timeout, Webhook Skipped.

Can you please suggest any either way to handle all request at a time and send back response in 1 seconds so we can have some better solutions.


Hi @Vaibhav_Mehta,

So workflow webhook actions follow the following rules:

  • Workflows waits up to 3 seconds to connect to a tcp socket, if this fails we will retry.
  • Workflows waits up to 30 seconds for a response (aka request timeout).
  • Workflows will not retry after receiving 4XX or 5XX series response status codes.
    • One exception to this rule is 429 rate limit errors; workflows will automatically retry after receiving a 429 response, and will respect the Retry-After header if present.

If your service is struggling to handle the quantity of requests, I'd recommend returning a 429 error with an appropriate Retry-after header.