A very curious case


Hi there,

I am faced with a very strange problem that is baffling most Hubspot support engineers and even my own web developer.

Please let me explain…

Our newly built website (that is yet to launch) has had a ‘interactive CTA’ built into it, to generate leads. This CTA is a network review or speed test, to most.

The tool works fine, but the issue I am having is getting the contact info to store in Hubspot. My developer can compete the form on the site (which is linked with the hubspot form, through an API) and his info stores, but when I do it, it appears as no contact. Like this http://take.ms/LTesJ

Would anyone be able to help and investigate this head scratcher? I am lost with it and so are most who I speak to.

Many thanks in advance



Hey @dan_smith,

Based on your screenshot, it looks like they aren’t sending the email address of the contact along with the form submission. This is necessary to actually create the contact in HubSpot.

If your developer needs some guidance on how to do that, he can reply to this thread with his example code and we can most likely help diagnose what needs to be included.