Abandoned car for HubSpot known users?


Hi, does anyone know if there is a way to send abandoned cart emails to users that have not registered on our ecommerce website but are known by HubSpot via the tracking cookie?

We can already send abandoned cart emails to users that are registered on our site since we collect their actions on the site and know what they put into their cart. We have other users that are email subscribers only that are not known by the ecommerce platform but exist in HubSpot and are tracked by the HS cookie.

We know we can send these folks a generic email if they reach our cart page and have performed the “Add to Cart” event but we want to send them an email with the details of what is in their cart and the link back to the item.


Hi @chrisminar,

While I can’t speak to the functionality of your ecommerce platform, I can say that in order to include the abandoned cart items you’d need to somehow pass those values to HubSpot. There exist integrations that do this now, or you could try building out that functionality yourself.


We currently use the API to pass over data but in these cases we do not know the email of the user. HubSpot knows who they are through the tracking code but we cannot access that cookie. We thought about passing the info over in an event but I do not believe we can use the event data in our emails. We can use it in a workflow but that won’t help with personalization. :frowning:


Hi @chrisminar,

You can query HubSpot to get the contact record associated with a specific usertoken, but it’s not a guarantee that every usertoken corresponds to a contact record. Regardless, that might enable you to get started: