Abandoned Cart Workflow


Hi Derek,

I would like to know if the “Abandoned Cart Email” or “Cart Reminder Email” is a Work flow that needs to be created in ‘Hubspot’. I was informed of this by one of the Hubspot Integrations Partner,Eyemagine. Can you kindly confirm on that ?


@Richard_Valsalan The workflow should be created wherever you are leveraging an email service platform. If you are using HubSpot to send out the nurture emails then the workflow should be created in HS. Workflows require Marketing Pro or Enterprise.


Hi @pmanca i’m in the middle of implementing abandon cart email nurturing using Hubspot.

the case suppose to be like this.

  • User visit page subscription (let say we have subscription model)
  • Firing Add to Cart button (1 or 2 items)
  • Firing Checkout

But the users not finish to purchase (Abandon Cart). We expect the workflow email can send them an email that contain some information (item name and price that they actually firing)

let say

  • Item one $ 1,000
  • Item two $ 200

How can we trigger this action, and let them now which item abandoned, using our email nurture workflow?

Appreciate for your help


@jeprisinaga You can store the information on the contact object under a field “Abandoned items” . The most common way people handle this is a link to their shopping cart. If you wanted to dynamically have the emails update for the items and the amounts they would have to be stored on the contact or company record. Alternatively you could use the Transactional Email Add On to feed in the values directly to the email from your e-commerce platform.


Hello @pmanca are you meaning to make a custom property on a contact?