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I use this endpoint: http://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/contacts/create_or_update
I’ve created a custom property via the app
When I post the data to the endpoint it always return

data that I sent:
{ "properties": [ { 'property': 'email', 'value': user.email }, { 'property': 'firstname', 'value': user.first_name }, { 'property': 'lastname', 'value': user.last_name }, { 'property': 'company', 'value': user.company.name }, { 'property': 'language', 'value': user.locale.blank? ? 'en' : user.locale }, { 'property': 'new_company_id', 'value': user.company_id }, { 'property': 'gender', 'value': user.gender }, { 'property': 'jobtitle', 'value': user.position } ] }

"status"=>"error", "message"=>"Property values were not valid", "correlationId"=>"00000000000000", "validationResults"=> [{"isValid"=>false, "message"=>"Property \"language\" does not exist", "error"=>"PROPERTY_DOESNT_EXIST", "name"=>"language"}, {"isValid"=>false, "message"=>"Property \"new_company_id\" does not exist", "error"=>"PROPERTY_DOESNT_EXIST", "name"=>"new_company_id"}, {"isValid"=>false, "message"=>"Property \"gender\" does not exist", "error"=>"PROPERTY_DOESNT_EXIST", "name"=>"gender"}], "requestId"=>"00000000000000000"}

Those fields are added in hubspot. What else I have to do?




Sorry no one saw this, in the future please open a new post to avoid getting lost!

There is no property in your portal with an internal value new_company_id, I’m assuming you did that to obfuscate your company info, but just wanted to be sure.

I was able to POST the following payload successfully:

POST contacts/v1/contact/createOrUpdate/email/noreply@hubspot.com?portalId=<HID>


Note: The internal value new_company_id is not valid and should be changed to match the internal value in your portal.

Please make sure that you are including the {"Content-type" : "application/json"} header.


Custom properties and API


Thx for the reply. When I do the post, all submit {"Content-type" : "application/json"} in header.
Also, new_company_id is created by us. So is possible to use custom properties created by us?




You can definitely create custom properties, but there isn’t currently a property in your portal with that name unless I’m looking at the wrong portal.


Hi there

this is the hash that I’m trying to post. All the properties are in our contacts data
{:properties=> [{:property=>"email", :value=>"claudiu.garba@gmail.com"}, {:property=>"firstname", :value=>"Ollie"}, {:property=>"lastname", :value=>"Pesto"}, {:property=>"company", :value=>"Jimmy Pesto Pizza"}, {:property=>"language", :value=>"en"}, {:property=>"new_ecratum_company_id", :value=>3}, {:property=>"gender", :value=>nil}, {:property=>"jobtitle", :value=>nil}]}

and this is the result from the call
{"status"=>"error", "message"=>"Property values were not valid", "correlationId"=>"84dff80b-49dc-4cbb-bb9a-28d60e81001c", "validationResults"=> [{"isValid"=>false, "message"=>"Property \"language\" does not exist", "error"=>"PROPERTY_DOESNT_EXIST", "name"=>"language"}, {"isValid"=>false, "message"=>"Property \"new_ecratum_company_id\" does not exist", "error"=>"PROPERTY_DOESNT_EXIST", "name"=>"new_ecratum_company_id"}, {"isValid"=>false, "message"=>"Property \"gender\" does not exist", "error"=>"PROPERTY_DOESNT_EXIST", "name"=>"gender"}], "requestId"=>"eccd1766-1f71-443a-b745-40cf66d1d227"}

Any help?