Access external web service in Hubspot


Hi All,

As all know, We can access HubSpot web services through URLs like ;

This is how we are consuming Hubspot Webservice.

But my need is something opposite to this,

I have a Web API hosted on one of my server. I want to consume my Web API in Hubspot.

Is that possible in anyway?


@Anu_Arivarasan - You can also POST data to the API, not just GET -


I have edited my question. Because it was not communicating my actual requirement. It was somewhat misleading.


Hi @Anu_Arivarasan,

Like Tim mentioned, there are API methods to POST / PUT data into HubSpot. It's not possible to directly consume data from a web service in-app, though; you'd need an integration to send the data into HubSpot after pulling it from your web service.