Access submitted data on form redirect page




I have a contact form setup. I’ve used hubspot to redirect to a new page on form submission. I wish to get the details that were just submitted to the contact list from the redirect page. I hoped to access this data via the hubl ‘contact’ library object. So on the redirect page i wanted to say {{contact.firstname}}, {{contact.lastname}} etc. It seems once the redirect page loads, the hubl ‘contact’ library object only has one value, which is always ‘contact.firstname = there’.

Many thanks



Hi @Jacko,

It’s not advisable to use personalization tokens (e.g. {{ contact.firstname }} ) on a thank you page, since the page will load before HubSpot has time to process the form submission and create a contact record. If you need access to form fields on a thank you page, your best bet would be to include the fields as query parameters on your thank you page.