Access to Email Campaign Creation/Design screen for Test accounts


Hey there,

is it possible to get access to Email Campaign Creation/Design screen on a trial/test account, without the functionality of actually sending any emails?

I'm interested in learning the capabilities of the Email Editor.


Found this post on the community board :

It has exactly what I need!


Hi @Alex2, to confirm, were you able to figure this one out? You can also talk to your account manager to request a trial of marketing Starter or Professional in order to test out email. Otherwise, I'd try creating a test account, like David suggests in the community


Hey Connor,

thanks for checking.

I was able to figure this out, and created a test account with all the features I need, by following the one link I found yesterday and the one you've provided today. I think this can be closed.

Thanks so much!

Have a great one!


Awesome! Good to hear @Alex2 :grin: