Access token in wrong format


Hi there,

I am trying to get information about an access token using the “Get Information for OAuth 2.0 Access Token” call.

It is fairly simple, I have an access token (that is working in other calls) and am then calling this URL:

I then get an error message : The access token must have the correct format

I don’t understand what the problem with the access token is, as mentioned above it has been used in some other calls without a problem. Anyone have any idea?


Hi @TonyG

Are you trying to get the info for an OAuth 2.0 token (that you’re using in an Authorization header) or an older access token (that you use with the access_token= query parameter)? The info endpoint would only work for the new Oauth 2.0 tokens.


You were absolutely right. I had used the older token by mistake. Thanks for that!