Accessing "error to via oauth2



for accessing "" endpoint i am using ouath2 flow and following settings

what should i do to above following error when logging ?


Hi @HS2018,

That error means that the portal you're trying to install the app to doesn't have access to some of the tools you're requesting. For example, if you were requesting the hubdb scope in a portal that did not have access to HubDB, you would see this error. In this case, it's likely that the portal you're trying to authorize doesn't have access to the content scope. Are you trying to authorize a Marketing Free portal? If you give me the Hub ID of the portal, I can look up which scopes are causing the error.


Hub ID of the portal 4424224


Hi @HS2018,

That portal (Hub ID 4424224) is a Marketing/CRM Free portal, which won't have access to the content scope. Marketing/CRM Free portals don't have access to the blog, landing page, or email tools, so they can't approve an integration that requests the content scope.