Accessing externally linked domains



What permissions are required to access externally linked domains via the Analytics API? Is it different to the permissions for hosted domains?


Welcome, @liamtapclicks!

If I'm understanding your question correctly, they are the same.

If the HubSpot tracking code is installed on the external domain, analytics data from those pages will be available to users with permissions to this endpoint.


Thanks Isaac, I understand that endpoint refers to Hubspot Hosted Content.
But what we are not able to access is externally linked domains through hubspot analytics API. What scopes or user permissions are required to access that?


Hi, @liamtapclicks.

I should have been clearer.

Yes, this endpoint only refers to HubSpot-hosted content. My point was that the scopes and permissions are the same.

While a user will not be able to get analytics data from non-HubSpot-hosted content through that endpoint, they can still use this endpoint, which will include analytics data for external domains provided that the HubSpot tracking code is installed and firing. (The data will be combined with analytics from HubSpot-hosted domains, though.)

Now, what is not possible is to only retrieve analytics information for externally hosted domains. There is no separate "Get analytics data for non-HubSpot-hosted content" endpoint.