Accessing the "File upload" property on a ticket via API


From the HubSpot tickets view, clicking on "view all properties" shows there's one called File upload, which is set to a CDN url if a user attached a file from the support form HubSpot provides. I'd like to access this via API so I can know when a file as attached to a ticket. Currently, I can see it as a "Note" engagement, but we'd like to preserve notes for internal use only.

Is it currently possible to access this property? I couldn't find it on this list:

Thanks for any help!


Hey @kakigori, you should have access to GET this property. If you make a GET to this endpoint: you'll see the file upload property (hs_file_upload) is available to use. It's just not detailed in the JSON response in the docs. As we add more default properties, the response would be pretty long on that page so we haven't updated it.

That said, this file upload property is provided by HubSpot and cannot be edited as per the Properties Settings page description here:

The only way these attachments can be added is through the Support Form in Service Hub.