Ad blockers blocking website page CTAs


We have two CTAs (different guids) on a web site page. One is above the fold, one below.

With uBlock origins or Adblock plus enabled the bottom CTA is blocked. The top one works fine. Both are being called using the CTA module in a template.

Calling the load function from the console causes it to load.

Ad blockers off and Both load fine.

This seems critical as we use CTAs to get people to our lead forms.

Chrome latest stable, Mac OSX Sierra. Same behavior on FF and Safari with ad blocker enabled with default settings.

We have put together a page that shows this error for you. The template for the page is the default hubspot coded template with nothing but the standard header include, standard footer include, body, and html tags. There are two CTAs that are clearly marked.

The first CTA loads always.
The second CTA loads only when ad blockers are disabled.


They both seem to work on my side.
Windows 8
Latest Chrome
Adblock: on

I do, however get a console error:
Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

But both CTA’s show and link to the page


Could you try with uBlock Origin? It’s installed by ~8M people on Chrome and is the default recommended blocker on Firefox.