Add a value in Hubspot to Zoho sync


Hello, I have been told I need to include this value (see comment below) when syncing Hubspot records over to Zoho - in order to kick off a Zoho workflow that will assign the record to a salesperson. Can you point me to instructions or advise on where to place this variable? We use Bedrock as the connector between Hubspot and Zoho.

"To have the Assignement rule triggered, in the API call that is coming from Hubspot (when the lead is pushed from Hubspot), Hubspot developers will need to add in the API the below line:


This will help the API call to identify the Assignemnt rule and trigger it."

Thanks for your help.


Hi @PCJ,

I'm not familiar with that field. Is that representative referring to adding a new custom field to an object (e.g. adding a larid property to contact records) or are they saying that HubSpot needs to create a new unique field for all object records? More details on what exactly they're saying needs to be done by HubSpot would be really helpful.


Hi Derek,

Here is further explanation from our Zoho CRM administrator:

Hubspot needs to edit the code that they are sending via, and insert the command line larid=9243000000644081


· larid is abbreviation for the Lead Assignment Rule;

· 9243000000644081 is the Lead Assignment Rule identification number

In this way the assignment rule will be triggered.

They don t have to create a field in Hubsbot, they just need to edit the code.




Hi @PCJ,

The response HubSpot sends follows a particular format, as described by the documentation for each endpoint. In the case of the 'Get a contact' endpoint, for example, the response is described by the following documentation:

The only way to control the information that appears for a given object record is to change that object's properties; in this case, you'd need to create a custom larid property, and use it to store the contact's larid. Then, the integration that needed that value (Bedrock or Zoho?) would need to parse the response for that property, and trigger the rule based on it's value.

This would have to be done by the entity that is pulling data from HubSpot and parsing it (in this case, presumably Bedrock?). HubSpot doesn't add/remove/alter the structure of the responses the API returns for individual portals/integrations/etc.