Add Data from HubSpot to my Sytem


Hi HubSpot,

As suggested API, to get recently added contact from huBSpot is

Please let me know if there is any other API which I can use to achieve bulk Adding of Contacts from HubSpot into my system.

If in a day we added 5000 contacts on HubSpot , how actually we should use the API to get the contacts processed as soon as possible?
As per above API, it gives result max 100 per paging, Is there any way I can get all the records instantly?
What is offset and how it works. Is it necessary to pass to fetch next set of records?

Please do reply.



@vipul I would use this endpoint:

Also you can’t get all of them back in one call due to payload size. You would receive a timeout if you tried to get all of them back at the same time.