Add Form Name to Form HTML Output



We have run into many Google Analytics tracking challenges with HubSpot forms - mainly the fact that using event tracking isn’t as intuitive as it should be.

I have one very simple thing that could be added to the form markup see below.

<form data-form-id="XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX" data-form-name="Form Name Set Inside Platform" data-portal-id="YYYYYYY">

By adding a data-form-name="" data attribute - we can dynamically change the Google Analytics event tracking using the value set directly on the form (no need for complex Ajax proxy queries to the forms API).

This change would literally take 5 seconds and as long as the value inside the form name were escaped - shouldn’t cause any issues whatsoever.

Please consider this - uniquely tracking 200+ forms inside a HubSpot portal is near impossible. This would allow tracking to be setup globally using Google Tag Manager to completely separate Tracking from the HTML itself.