Add Meeting as "Upcoming"


Whenever I schedule a meeting for future dates via the api, it says "You had a meeting". Is there anyway to have it be schedule as an "upcoming meeting" instead?

[Edit] I also noticed that if I go into the Hubspot CRM and click "edit" on the meeting, then save it it will automatically reassign it to "Upcoming". So this tells me that my timestamps are correct within the metadata for "startTime" and "endTime"

Here's the JSON I'm sending to get this result:

  engagement: { 
      active: true, 
      type: 'MEETING' 
   metadata: {
      body: 'New Meeting with Devontrae at +12132949698',
      startTime: 1523554200000,
      endTime: 1523555100000,
      title: 'Appointment Scheduled',
     status: 'NOT_STARTED' 
  associations: { 
    contactIds:  [ 751 ] 
 timestamp: 1523554200000 


Hi @devontrae,

I would expect that a meeting scheduled in the future and created via the API would appear in "Upcoming" automatically. I'll touch base with the team and get back to you when I have more information.


Hi @devontrae

Thanks for your patience here; this should now be fixed. Let me know if you have any other questions on this!