Adding a Contact to Static contact List




we are using a api call to add existing contact to a static list ({0}/add?hapikey={1}) . We used this API with our data package ,that time it only required VID of contact to add to static list. Recently when we are updating some sync functionality for data package , it is no longer working .When we go through hub spot site it is mention that either VID or Email is required and In next section under parameters required for this api to work Email address is mandatory.

Once i updated my code with vid and email address it is working now.

when this api was updated ? where do i see history of update of api’s?


Hi @vishal,

You should be able to add contacts to a static list by including either an array of vids or emails; that endpoint doesn’t require that you include both. Both vids and emails are listed in the required parameters section because all request must include one or the other. Can you give me a bit more info on the request you were making before (that only included the array of vids) that wasn’t working correctly?