Adding a new currency (EURO) to my duplicated form




  • I have 2 calculators (EURO and USD)


  • I only duplicated the script of the USD Calculator to the EURO calculator and although I added a new currency to my Hubspot account (EURO), the script didn't change at all.

  • Is there a way to have a different Currency (EURO) for a specific form and when a user fills up a form the EURO currency can be converted to USD inside the CRM?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Gino_Sta_Ana, are you doing this calculation on the backend on your servers, or are you doing this within the embed code for an embedded form? If you're embedding your form, there wouldn't be a way to dynamically render a new field in that form based on the page URL. However, if you utilized the forms api by custom coding your form and submitting the form data after parsing information based on a distinguishing factor between your EURO and USD pages, this could work.

You could submit this data server side with our V2 endpoint:

or make an AJAX call on the front end with our v3 endpoint:


Hi Conor! We already did the calculations in the website. What we are trying to do is to pass the data to a form that is currently in USD but we wanted it in Euro.

Our concern is we wanted the data to appear in Euro rather than USD in the reports inside Hubspot.

Thanks for the help!


Hi @Gino_Sta_Ana, can you link me to the page that this form is on? Also, are these USD and EURO calculations separate fields in HubSpot? Do they live on the contact record in a custom property?