Adding call engagement via API - invalid from


I'm adding call engagements to contacts via API. I'm providing two phone numbers: from, and to, as specified in the documentation:


But in the call details it is not reflected properly - I sometimes see somebody's else as the person who made the call. I.e. a call made by different person that I see as my own

How can I set those fields properly?


Another screenshot: improper from and to fields:



Hi @gacek, those toNumber and fromNumber fields are internal fields only that can only be pulled from the API. They do not have any implication who's names appear when logging a call. When submitting a call engagement via the API, the part that controls who logs the call (e.g. where it it says in your screenshot "You logged a call") is the ownerId property within the "engagement" object. If you wanted to change who logs the call, you should insert a different ownerId in the property below by finding their internal ID here:

"engagement": {
        "active": true,
        "ownerId": 1, <===== this property is the one that controls who logs the call
        "type": "NOTE",
        "timestamp": 1409172644778

The call engagement will always appear on the associated contact specified in the associations sections:

 "associations": {
        "contactIds": [1], <==== contact vid goes here, this is the contact who's timeline the call will always log onto.
        "companyIds": [ ],
        "dealIds": [ ],
        "ownerIds": [ ]

Let me know if I can clarify anything.


OK, thanks. I think it is a bit clearer for me right now