Adding properties to Deal cards



Is there a way to add visible property info on a deal card. We are trying out free HS sales, it would be great to be able to see deal age since creation date on the card. Can the property be added, its not available as a default property. Txs


@Daphne_Castillo You can click on view all properties and then in the top right you can click on the create a custom property button. That is how you can add custom properties


Thanks! We can create new properties that way but:

  • How do we make them visible on the deal card itself (board view). Currently we can only see the day deal is closed on each card + the avatar for related contacts
  • How can we create a property that automatically gives us the age of the deal (create date-closed date)


@Daphne_Castillo The board view is only going to show a couple things that are hardcoded in and cannot be modified. If you want to see them at a high level you can view the deals as a table and choose which columns you see.


Thank you Peter. Is there a property that can calculate deal age from the moment the lead is created to the moment its closed? (deal age - in No. of days as opposed to date format?) It would be great to have that as a column on the table view.


@Daphne_Castillo You can’t calculate the time from the properties but you can get a report of it from the reporting dashboard.


This will work! just went through the reports available for Hubspot Sales free and chose Time in Deal report and I got this :frowning: Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


@Daphne_Castillo You just have a bunch of stages, I would just change the visual so it displays better.