Adding URL parameters to CTA link


We are using CTA's to take users to a download page for sample data packages. The form on this page is fairly complex - lots of different options. However, it would be a lot easier for the user if some of the form was pre-filled - based on which page they have come from. Ie they are on Package A page, click the CTA, and on the download page the Package A option is already checked in the form.

The only way I can see is so create tons of CTA's, each with a different link (well - same link but with different querystrings that will be used to pre-populate the form). There are far too many packages/options for us to consider this.

Is there an easier way whereby we could just create one CTA and adjust on a page per page basis?


Hi @craigivemy,

There isn't a built-in ability to ad custom query parameters based on the page a CTA is on. CTAs are intended to be unique to a particular offer; if you're looking for some additional customizability, you might consider creating a custom button, and including some Javascript that dynamically changes the button's href based on the package selection. You wouldn't get the same tracking and stats as a normal CTA, but you'd have a lot more flexibility with the implementation.


@Derek_Gervais thanks for confirming. We'll weigh up the two options - having to create a load of CTA's that are identical other than the link vs using a dynamic button (I don't really want to move away from CTA's to be honest).


Hi Craig! I have no fancy way to do this but the way I would do it is with workflows;

If contact clicked a CTA on page A, then append to property "Packages" option "A".

Then, on the form page, you can also show the property "Packages" and it will be prefilled with option A.