Adding WordPress blog to subdirectory on a HubSpot site


Our client’s site is built on Hubspot. Currently, they have a WordPress blog as part of the subdomain. They’d like to move that to a subdirectory instead. Is that possible?



Just so I’m clear, you are hosting your entire site on HubSpot and we can call it ""
Then you are hosting a blog on WordPress and we can call that “

What you would like is to map the WordPress blog to a subdirectory on the HubSpot subdomain for an end result of “

Does that sound right?


Exactly that - thanks.


@pixelpointpress This would require setting up a reverse web proxy server which you can’t do in the HubSpot platform at the moment. This isn’t always a great ideas as it can bottle your web traffic as well. Is there a reason why your blog is on WordPress and not on HubSpot? I usually get the reverse request of a blog on HubSpot and a site elsewhere and wanting to make that mapping.


Hi Peter,
It isn’t our site - it’s a client. They’re fond of WordPress and would like to keep it, but would prefer the subdirectory to a subdomain.
Thanks for your clarification.