Addition to Form API: Include where form is located (if on hubspot pages)


Is it possible to add a returned value of what pages the forms are located on in HubSpot? While the API is awesome for grabbing all the forms listed, being able to see what pages (even if its an id list) would be beneficial.


Hey AJ! I agree that'd be a useful feature with this endpoint. Have you searched the Ideas forum? I can pass this along internally through an internal tool we use, but it'd be good to get this in our ideas forum first if it doesn't yet exist!

Owners API: Add 'Team' value to returned results

Hey Connor, I didnt check the ideas forum but i will and add it on there if its not on there. I've noticed alot of developer focused items often get overlooked on the ideas forum as its mainly marketers that are the ones flooding that forum.

Edit: Added it:


yeah I definitely sympathize there. We're looking to segment development requests separately moving forward a bit. The reason we like to have folks post there at least is so that we have a record publicly so that others can also sympathize. It's also the best way to see how much demand for the idea there is so that our product teams can prioritize. I'm also making an idea internally in a tool that we use -- can you pass along your use case? It'd be nice to have for sure, but just would like to gather a bit of context.


thanks for posting! i'll upvote