After changing the type of a custom property, the workflow does NOT automatically stamp the time that an event occured. HELP




I'm trying to figure out why Hubspot's workflow to automatically stamp the time that one deal moved from one stage to the next is not registering. I have created the custom property (deal property) to the date picker format (since that was the only date type available), but then I realized that Hubspot won't automatically stamp it. I was then told that I had to manually push a PUT request to change the data type of the property to 'datetime' for the stamping to work. I did that, the PUT request did work, but nothing is happening after testing the workflow again.

For context, the workflow that I've defined is that when a deal is moved to a particular stage in the pipeline, the custom property should automatically be 'stamped' of the date/datetime of when that move happened. However, it's not working, and I have to manually go into each deal and manually select the date when the move occurred, since the properties are in the date picker format, even AFTER I've changed the type to datetime.

I hope this all makes sense. I'm not sure why Hubspot wouldn't already have this in place; especially when other CRM's like Pipedrive have this built out of the box. Help?




Hi @Drew_Hemsley, is this thread close to what you're looking to accomplish in HubSpot:

Happy to help you out here but want to make sure I'm understanding you correctly. It seems that's what you want though ^. I don't necessarily see a reason you'd need to utilize the APIs in this situation unless you're looking to export this type of info but if you have a particular use-case please let me know!

Can you please respond with a link to your workflow in HubSpot so I can take a closer look?