Ajax request external database


Hi there,
I want to create a page with a real-time search field connected to an external database to Hubspot.

My way would be to create an Ajax function with Jquery that sends a php/sql request to my database.

I am writing to you because I can't find a way to do this from a Hubspot form. Is there a way?


Hi @Charles-Henri_Desche, this functionality is not possible with HubSpot forms. In the most basic sense, you can use HubSpot forms to gather contact information from customers signing up on your website, but this type of customization is not possible. If you're using AJAX to query your own database, I don't see an issue with building this out with the HubSpot CMS, as long as PHP code isn't placed directly into HubSpot since the only languages we support are HTML/CSS/HubL/JavaScript.

Is there a reason you'd need a HubSpot form for this action?