Alexa Certifying AMP pages


Hi there,

I want to Alexa Certify my AMP pages - I don't know where to edit my AMP code in order to paste in the ALexa Code

Am using Hubspot Bog COS

Best regards



Welcome, @Oliver_Huntsman!

At this time, Alexa AMP Certify JavaScript snippets cannot be implemented effectively on HubSpot blog CMS pages.

Currently, CMS AMP pages do not support <head> and <body customization or the amp-analytics element. (You can paste the codes in Settings > Website > Blog > Templates > Header HTML and Footer HTML, but the scripts won't be included in the AMP versions.)

I've passed your use case to the product team. While adding support for custom scripts on CMS AMP pages is in their backlog, "it's not something [they] expect to be able to address in the near term."

Apologies for the inconvenience.