All deals-sales API and online reporting dash questions


Two questions:

  1. Can anyone supply me with the 'all deals' API to include:
    i) pipeline
    ii) close date
    iii) amount
    Reading from all pages where the close date is not null (or >= 2019)
    Having searched the forum, I cannot see a complete answer including these metrics.

  2. Also, I'm trialling Klipfolio online reporting, but if anyone has a recommendation for another tool which can easily connect to this Hubspot data, would be great to hear from you.

Many thanks for your help.


Hi Phil,

You should be able to use this endpoint:

You'll notice on that page a section where you can add specific properties to your query by adding "&properties=x" to your request URL.

This is an example that I was able to use:


Hi, thanks for your email.

Ive test the below using the hapikey code from hubspot in postman but comes up as a 404 error, do you know what I can do?

This is an example that I was able to use:


Hi Phil,

There was a typo in the original endpoint I shared. I've edited the original to be correct. It should work properly for you now.


Thanks. I tried that but I was unable to get it to work (same error as before)



Are you replacing the X's in the link I shared with your hapikey?