Alternative Log events endpoint?



If the docs for Log events are followed (i.e. we PUT the request, include a JSON object for filtering, and append /filter at the end of the URL), I can get filtered log events results. If I include an empty JSON object in the body I get nothing back. However, if I make a request without the /filter and using GET instead of PUT I get all the data back (seems like no filtering is happening). I don’t see any mention of a GET in the docs. Is the GET version of the API available for public use? If so, it would be helpful if it was mentioned in the docs. If not, how can we get back unfiltered information using the PUT version of the endpoint?



Anyone? I’d like to know if it’s safe to base part of my apps implementation on this alternate version of the endpoint. Can I use it?


Hi @Adam

The PUT endpoint can’t be used to get all of the events (you need to specify at least one vid or event type), so you can use the GET endpoint to get the unfiltered list.

Can you tell me more about why you’re looking for the unfiltered list of events? Most of the use cases we’ve seen in the past usually involve a filter of some sort (usually it’s getting events for a record or looking for all failed events).


We just want to make sure we’re getting as complete coverage of the data associated with a hubspot account as possible. The filtering is handy for us, but secondary to the coverage.