Always getting false in legal cosent field value using web hook



"hs_legal_basis":{"value":"Freely given consent from contact","versions":[{"value":"Freely given consent from contact","source-type":"FORM","source-label":"Legal basis for processing contact's data","timestamp":1542975361522,"selected":false}]}

I'm getting the legal basis property in web hook form data, but unfortunately the selected value is always 'false', even though the end user selected the checkbox.

But in contact property it always shows "Freely given consent from contact" even though the user didnt select the checkbox in the form


Welcome, @kalyankumars!

The "selected": false field for that property does not reflect a contact's consent status or any behavior they took on the form. (Indeed, almost all contact properties have the same field and value.) Instead, the presence of "Freely given consent from contact" with the "source-type":"FORM" means the contact would have checked the consent box on a form.

If you're seeing different behavior in your tests, could you please provide links to examples and links to the relevant forms?