Always Scope Issues came please check this


I used with HAPI key also

I got this error

curl Errors: Status code: 403 Response: {"status":"error","message":"This hapikey (2d87a9d0-8e2b-4c5f-ad7d-f18d8d3ac065) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [contacts-write])","correlationId":"3b9fa870-6788-46a3-86dc-700eb4e32a0d","requestId":"5a87abe4f9d57200d2afa712f1035daa"}

And I used Oauth also How i will give the permission ..


Hi @gowtham,

There are a couple of things going on here: First, the scopes pictured in your second screenshot are related to the required OAuth scopes for your app; they don't have any effect on your Api key's permissions. API keys always have full access to all features of their corresponding portals

Second, the error you're describing is almost always the result of using the wrong API key. Based on your screenshot, you're pulling the developer API key from your developer portal. This API key is only used for making configuration changes to your app; in order to use the various HubSpot APIs (e.g. Contacts API) you need to grab the API key from the Marketing/CRM portal you're trying to use: