An error occurred while validating the integration authorization


I have created an app and used the following URL:

The value I have supplied for client_id is the Developer HAPIkey. I’m prompted to login and I’m asked to choose an account. The accounts listed are my company account (which is the one I’m interested in), a developer portal account and a test portal. Selecting any of these leads to:

Uh oh!

An error occurred while validating the integration authorization.

I have double checked the value for client_id. I have tried refreshing the HAPIkey and using the new value but the result is the same.

I note that top right on the ‘choose an account’ page it indicates the hub associated with the developer portal account. I tried reordering the acounts in the /myaccounts/ page so that my company site appears first, but I still get the above error.


Hi @sag

The client_id needs to be a client ID from an app you have created in your HubSpot developer account, that Developer HAPIkey is used with the Integration Platform APIs, which (at the moment) means setting up the Timeline or Webhooks APIs.

If you haven’t created an app yet, you can find instructions for doing so here: