Analytics API - Are there any limits on how far back in history we can request data for?


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When working with the API, are there any limits on how far back in time we can go to request data for?

Some of our partners only allow you to access data in the last 45 days, other allow you to access data since 2005.

Specifically in regards to Get Breakdown By method


Analytics API - Any limits on the number of days in a time_period=daily breakdown?

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Can anyone provide some guidance on this item?

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Hi @brie,

You can request data from as far back as the portal in question has data; there are no explicit limits. That said, you might run into errors if you're requesting to much data at once, so keep that in mind. I wouldn't recommend trying to pull all data between January 2005 and today, but you shouldn't run into any issues pulling the data from January 1st 2005 - December 31st 2005.