Analytics API, Can be done?


Hi everyone,

I am interested in getting the analytics information from landing pages from an API, such as: views, submissions, new contacts and customers by source. Is there one around? or IIs there any material that could help me? I looked at the developers documentation, but I couldn’t find something that could help me.

Landing page views

Hi @shnacita, currently that information is only available inside the HubSpot app, as it’s not something we have APIs for.


Hi @dadams is there any chance this information is going to be added to the API? It’s a must to be able to do custom calculations for conversion rates and page statistics.


Hi @dadams ,

There are other vendors out there offering this, so something exists now, but either isn’t documented or private. Can I get more info, please?


@randall_bgs all of our public APIs are listed on Anything not listed there would be considered for internal use only and would not be supported.


Hi @dadams I understand they may not be supported, but there are other companies that deliver this data in their products, so it exists and has at least been shared with them. Take a look at Geckoboard as an example. How can we at least get the same data as they are?


any news for this? I really need to develop custom analytics charts for my app.
Are there plans to make such api available for us?


I’m having the same story. Would need to create analytics dashboard too. I’d need to get my hands on the data provided by the Sources Report. I see at least DataBox offering this ( Internally I see HubSpot UI using this endpoint ( for fetching the data.

@dadams How can I access it too?


Hi Hubspot Dev Team, please consider making Hubspot Analytics data available via an API. It will be very helpful, and seeing as we can access this data it in our app, why can we not have access to this data via an API? It would really be helpful and appreciated by many of us. Thanks.


My goal is to unify touchpoint data with several other data sources.
Is there a way to get HS web analytics events analog to getting email events via the API which works just fine for me? The data is obviously there as it can be viewed in detail for individual contacts in the portal.
Please provide information if this is even on the roadmap or if there are any 3rd Party solutions available?
Thanks MZ


We’re also looking into this. Can’t seem to find a solid answer/solution in the forums.

Any updates from the HubSpot team? Thanks!!


This would be great to have. I need to track users from email to landing page. From there, I would like to track custom/arbitrary user events which I would like to push to Hubspot as custom analytics or at least track, then push to my own db for reporting. Seems like a no-brainer for having in the API.


I don´t see why anybody of the Hubspot team can´t give an answer of this important topic.


Hi @cristianneely,

Currently, analytics information cannot be accessed via the API. This is something the team has thought a lot about for the future, but I don't have any more specific information at this time. Right now the best thing to do to show your support for this idea would be to post this idea to the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
How can i get Team activity, Sales performance, Deal forecast, and Deal closed vs goal analytical data using API?


Hi @Dharmendra_Goyal,

Check out the docs for our new Analytics API:


Hello! I noticed that you need to be in the Enterprise Product Tier in order to pull data from the Analytics API. Is there any way to get around that?



The analytics API is only available for marketing.
Is there an ETA for the Sales Analytics API?