Analytics API Field Names



Hello, I am developing a tool for users to view their HubSpot Analytics data in a web app and I am using the Analytics API to do so. Looking through the Analytics documentation, I cannot find a list anywhere that explains what fields are returned or a description of what the field actually means. However, I can see similar documentation on some of the other endpoints.

Am I supposed to go through all the other endpoints and find the same fields in order to know what they are? And do I just have to go off the examples and my own testing to figure out all the fields returned by each endpoint?


Hi @Wes_Thompson,

Could you cite a few fields you are unsure of?

This overview documentation includes most of the general fields returned from the endpoints, but I'll need more specific examples to clarify further.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi,

I was able to figure out for the most part what fields are returned by the API. The problem is that I'm not a HubSpot user, I am only building a tool for HubSpot users to use. So I have no idea what these fields actually mean, such as opportunities or contactToCustomerRate. Is there anywhere that I can see a description of what all the fields returned actually mean? I ask this because I'm building a UI where users can select which fields they would like to see in my system and I would like to give them human readable names and descriptions to pick from.


Understood, @Wes_Thompson.

While there isn't a list of definitions for the exact fields returned via the Analytics API, this article contains definitions for every default contact property. This resource should lend context to the fields you're working with.

In an Analytics API response, the opportunities value reflects the number of contacts who are in the Lifecycle Stage "Opportunity."

Similarly, HubSpot defines customers as contacts who are in the Lifecycle Stage "Customer." This can be set manually or by associating a contact with a deal which is then moved to a "Closed Won" deal stage. Contacts created in HubSpot can start with different default Lifecycle Stages, but the contactToCustomerRate would generally reflect the percentage of all contacts created who then are moved to the Lifecycle Stage "Customer" in the selected time frame.


Hello again @Isaac_Takushi,

Good news first, I am done with all the technical questions! I'm now just hoping on a little clarification on some of the fields I'm getting. I've been looking all over the internet and informative HubSpot documents. I was able to determine many of them myself but I don't want any confusion for my clients when this is released.

So, I'm just going to list my questions here:

  • When I get values like contacts, leads, subscribers, and submissions from endpoints like Get data from HubSpot hosted content using any of the object types, is this telling me how many subscribers (or any of the other values) viewed that blog post (or whatever the object is) or how many new ones were generated because of that post? I looked on this blogging software page but I wasn't sure.

  • When using the forms object, I can't find anything talking about what visibles or installs mean.

  • When it says per page view, like contactsPerPageView, is that the number of contacts that saw the page vs the total number of visitors to that page, or is it the number of contacts that saw the page vs the total number of pages those contacts saw?

I apologize ahead of time because I'm sure I will ask for more information after you reply. :sweat_smile:


Hey, @Wes_Thompson.

Happy to clarify further:

  • The contacts field contains the total number of new contacts generated on the page. The subscribers, leads, customers, evangelists etc. fields reflect the number of contacts in each lifecycle stage. The sum of these fields should equal that of contacts. The submissions field reflects the total number of submissions, regardless of whether they created or updated contacts.
  • Form visibles must be tied in some way to formViews, but I'm not sure exactly what it reflects. I'll check on this and the installs field!
  • The contactsPerPageview is calculated by dividing the number of contacts by the rawViews. For example, one of my landing pages has 100 rawViews and 5 new contacts were generated from the page, so the contactsPerPageview is 0.05. This metric is the same as the Contact conversion rate outlined in this article. Similarly, a metric like customersPerPageview reflects the number of contacts in the lifecycle stage "Customer" (customers) divided by rawViews.


Hey again, @Wes_Thompson.

Thanks for your patience while I checked with the team. Here are some of what those parameters reflect:

Pop-up forms (formerly lead flows):

  • installs = loaded on the page
  • formViews = pop-up callout viewed
  • visibles = pop-up callout clicked and actual form viewed
  • submissions = pop-up form submitted
  • completions = pop-up thank you viewed


  • formViews = loaded on the page
  • visibles = form is visible in the browser above the fold
  • interactions = triggered when various parts of the form are clicked on
  • submissions = form was submitted



Thanks for getting back to me on that!