Analytics API - Form Data based on Specific Landing Pages and Campaigns


Hi There!

A few questions below :slight_smile:

I have an example report for a mutual client of the type of data they are looking to report on - the Extract has the following headers:

  • Page Title
  • URL
  • Campaign
  • State
  • Views
  • Submissions
  • Submission Rate
  • New Contact
  • New Contact Rate
  • Customers
  • Customer Rate

I've been combing through the Hosted Content Documentation, which provides the lading-page info, but I'm not seeing these explicit fields denoted aside from 'submissions'.

Q1 - Is 'rawViews' = "Views" and is 'contacts'="New Contacts"?

Q2 - Could you share the calculations for the three rate fields?

Q3 - Is there a way with this API to get the landing-pages along with the associated campaign / campaign state from the sample? (assuming is some combo of first drilldown)

Thanks in advance!


Hi @brie,

Where exactly is that list of headers coming from? I don't mean to sound obtuse but I'm not really familiar with what the 'Extract' is. It's totally possible I'm just missing something, but some clarity there would be super helpful. I'll try to address your questions regardless, and we can work out the details if necessary.

  1. I'm not 100% sure where specifically 'Views' and 'New Contacts' is coming from, but my gut tells me these match up with rawViews and contacts
  2. Tough to address this without more details on where you're pulling these fields, but 'Submission Rate', 'New Contact Rate', and 'Customer Rate' are likely submissions/views, views that became contacts / views, and views that became customers / view.
  3. If you pull data for the landing-pages content type, then it'll include the content IDs of your landing pages. You can then use the content APIs to get details on those pages:


Thank you, Derek!

I had hoped that what our HubSpot + TapClicks mutual client provided would have appeared somewhat familiar on the HubSpot side - in any case, the information you've provided definitely helps me feel more confident about our path forward, I made some similar assumptions for the project we're currently developing.

I will connect with the client and see if we can get further clarity and will open up a new thread and link back to this one once I have that clarity.

Thanks so much, I appreciate your reply!

  • Brie