Analytics API - is there a settling period on the data / data stable on date?


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Looking to understand a date on which the analytics data for a given day is stable or unchanging. With other partners, we've seen that it can take up to 3 - 5 days for analytics data to be stable / not change. Other partners' data will be unchanging as of the posting date.

Is the HubSpot Analytics data subject to change and if so, after how many days will that be stable?

Specifically in regards to Get Breakdown By Methods


Analytics API - When requesting data by day, when is the earliest that data for "yesterday" is available?

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Can anyone provide some guidance on this item?

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Hi @brie,

Analytics data is always 'stable'; any data you pull via the Analytics API will remain unchanging, with the exception of the current day (since new data for 'today' may still come in).