Analytics API - raw value for Bounces


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Semi-related to Analtyics API - How do these fields map to the HubSpot UI?

From Get Analytics Breakdown documentation

Is there a way to get the raw value for "Bounces"? I ask because when we store the 'bounceRate' on a daily level, then aggregate to a custom date range, we're forced to average those daily 'bounceRate' values together, which can lead to data discrepancies.

We would like to be able to get a "Bounces" value (or perhaps a way to calculate bounces from the values already returned by the API) so we can calculate the bounce rate based on the date range a customer opts to choose on screen in TapAnalytics.

Is this an available field? If not, can it be exposed?

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Also a similar question for the Get Data by Specific Object Method, where object_type=pages



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Hi @brie,

We don't store 'bounces' alone; the bounce rate is calculated on the fly and returned along with the other analytics data. If you have the inclination, I would encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see.