Any major email updates to be aware of?



Apologies in advance if this is already answered somewhere. I searched (here, HubSpot blog, Product Updates, online, etc) for about 30 min before posting this.

We want to move all of our contacts off of MailChimp and into HubSpot. If there are any major changes/upgrades to the way HubSpot handles contacts, email lists, and email types in the immediate future we’d like to hold off until then. Choosing to migrate after the rollout.

So, are there major changes getting ready to take place?


Hi @Lee,

You’re looking in the right places. I’m not aware of any plans to drastically alter the contacts, lists, or email tools in the near future. Updates on that front will be announced on the product updates blog, and likely other places.


Hey @Derek_Gervais,

Thanks for the insight. We wanted to double check first before pressing ahead.