Any way to get associated company "name" with recently modified contacts?


When getting recently modified contacts via /contacts/v1/lists/recently_updated/contacts/recent I can specify a property to get the associated company id: associatedcompanyid

Is there a way to get name of that associated company as well (without making an aditional API call for each contact in the list)? There is a company property but that doesn’t return the name of the associated company.


Hi @homerlex,

The name of the associated company isn’t stored on the contact record, and can only be pulled with a call to the companies API. The company property is distinct from the associated company’s name, since it’s often populated via form submission, but you could fill it with the name of the contact’s associated company via workflow or some other method if you’d like. Depending on your implementation, you could also store the associatedCompanyId and the company’s name externally, and reference it when pulling contacts.