Any way to submit forms by click through?


Hello there,
I was checking this article: in order to try submit data to Hubspot by just a click from emails but the server response is “HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL” which I assume the post url above is not enabled for that purpose. Is there any other way to do it?

This method is commonly used for RSVP in email events.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @daniel.perez

We don’t have any options that would enable GET requests for our forms, so we’d only be able to accept POST requests. It would be possible to create a system that could make this work (your system receives the GET request from the person clicking the email, makes the POST request to HubSpot to send us the form data, then directs the visitor to the thank you page), but it would need to be built outside of HubSpot.

Alternatively, if you use HubSpot forms on a landing page, you can prepopulate form fields using query parameters, so you could customize the link in the email and have the form filled out for the visitor, so they’d just need to review the information and click the submit button.


Thanks @dadams! So, when you say “a system” can this be made through js? Or is there any other kind of asset that should be involved such as a server?

Thanks in advance!


Our Forms API does not support client-side JavaScript requests, so the POST request to HubSpot would need to be made from a separate server.


Ok, thanks for clarifying!