API access to email and call logs


Is there an API for accessing all activities logged for each contact ? Not necessarily its entire content, just the nature of the events and the date on which they occured, in particular calls and emails. I know I can create a new event using the timeline API, as well as get a single event if I know its ID, but is there anyway to get all events for a given contact or all event IDs associated to a contact ? Where can I even find such a given ID ? When looking at event timelines on the web interface I see no such ID anywhere.

What are Activities, and how can I extract them with the API?

@Patrick_El-Hage There isn’t an endpoint at the moment in the TImeline API to pull those events out of HubSpot.


Is there no way I can simply get a list of the event IDs at least ? Where can I see the IDs of the events that are already in the timelines ? Even if it’s just through the web view.


You say there’s no endpoint for pulling those events but isn’t that what the following endpoint is for :

GET /integrations/v1/:application-id/timeline/event/:event-type-id/:event-id

Do you just mean that there’s no endpoint for pulling all of them for a given contact ?


@Patrick_El-Hage Right, you can pull the ones you made from the Timeline API but you can’t pull the other timeline events that are stored on the Contact record. For example you can’t pull the page view or email event from the timeline of a contact.


Is it in any way planned to create an API for events that weren’t created by the API ?


No not at the moment.