API Add-On Request/Second limit


The API Add-On appears to increase the daily limit to 40k request, but there is no mention of increased per-second request limits. Can you tell me if there is any change there with this add on?


Hi @Ed_Earle,

The API add on increases your daily limit from 40k requests to 160k requests. It doesn't have any effect on the per-second limit.


Hey @Derek_Gervais,

Me and @Ed_Earle are struggling to size how many requests we'd need, the API for querying usage appears to return suspiciously low usage figures, even after load testing the API with multiple 1000s of GETs/POSTs.

Changing a contact property value back and forth between value A and value B over 1000 times, resulted in a massive revision history for the field in Hubspot. Yet the non-cached usage result barely budges, maybe an increment of around 1 or 2,

By the way, we're querying the usage API using the same token secrets as our integration.

Are certain calls cached? If we make the same contact details request 1000 time over without varying the query parameters, will this consume our usage quota?

Any insight would be much appreciated.


Hi @t-l-k,

I'll DM you for more info.